Servicing for 

Lawnmowers, chainsaws and strimmers

Highly trained with years of experience

Giving you the very best in repair, maintenance and servicing.

Our workshop is based in Mirfield and easy to find, located on Huddersfield Road close to the  Pear Tree Pub.

Mirfield Mowers has a well-equipped workshop with plenty of space, we can accommodate all types of gardening machines and equipment for servicing and repairs. This includes the larger type of sit-on lawnmowers.

At Mirfield Mowers, we are conscientious about our work and I’m proud to tell you it’s been said we go the extra mile.

We are always happy, to see new and existing customers and our reputation is steadfast that’s why we offer a friendly no fuss service.

When your equipment is with us at Mirfield Mowers having a service, we may need to tell you that you need more work doing than you expected.

This might be to make your equipment safe or it could be that parts will need replacing before the next service.

Of course, this would be for you to decide if you wish to have the work carried out. As a conscientious repair and maintenance company, we feel we can’t just hand your machinery back knowing things could go wrong n the near future.

Most of all at Mirfield Mowers we want you to be satisfied with our work so you come back again and again.

petrol mower

Mower Servicing

A full service that will keep your mower in prime condition for the year ahead. Repairs will also be taken care of whilst servicing.

Your lawn mower service is best booked with us during winter while your mower is sitting dormant.

Chainsaw repairs

Chainsaw Servicing

Chainsaw services are best booked during the winter months.

Our service will keep your chainsaw in tip-top condition throughout the winter and the coming year.

We will repair any parts that might need replacing, we always consult with you before doing the extra work to check you are ok with this as it could mean a few extra cost might be incurred.

A service booked in the winter months means you don’t have to worry about it sizing up while sitting dormant for a few months. The advantage is It will be ready for use when spring arrives and your trees start to grow again.

Strimmer Repairs

Strimmer Servicing

We will keep your Strimmer in prime condition, any repairs will be taken care of and will be in great condition when it is needed.

Ideally, your service is best booked with us during the winter months so you don’t have to wait for repairs doing if it’s not working when you are ready to use it again.

Lawnmower, chainsaws and strimmers sitting dormant for a few months often can cause problems.